Everyone in our team are born and raised here in Uganda, and we are proud to share our knowledge about our beautiful country.

co-create experience 

We personally tailor make your trip so it caters to your specific desires.

Passion for people

We love to be with people! And we love to learn from new cultures as well as showing you ours.


We frequently make thorough research about our trips to ensure that we offer the best experience to you!  

Discover Uganda, the Pearl of Africa!

We offer visitors to Uganda the opportunity to enjoy guided tours of the Pearl of Africa. You’re not only our special guest while you’re here, but we treat you as a good friend coming to visit. Whether you want to experience lions in the wild, gorillas in the mist, or elephants roaming the African savanna, we can help you see it all! You get the full B&B experience, both at the Ajabu guesthouse, as well as out on your adventures around our beautiful country. Ajabu Tours is fun, affordable, and gives you everything you’re looking for in your East African Safari. Amazing, adventurous, fantastic, wonderful. Create your own “Wow” with Ajabu Tours!

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