Bwindi Park

 Bwindi Park

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of Uganda’s oldest rainforests which protects  roughly half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas.

The numbers range from several hundreds to nearly a thousand gorillas. The gorillas are not the only residents of this mighty forest: there are chimpanzees, blue monkeys, birds and butterflies. The park is located south of the Queen Elizabeth Park in an almost impenetrable forest where the gorillas feel at home. The gorillas live in families that are guided by a male, known as a “Silver-Back”, a dominant male who is the focal point of the group and can be recognised by the grey fur on his back.

The duration of the gorilla tracking cannot be assessed in advance. This can be from a few hours up to more than 6 hours. This is because the gorillas have no fixed abode as they travel around to find food. Good shoes for this adventure is important. After finding the gorillas you will soon believe that it was worth all the effort. It is an impressive sight and the reward is indescribable, to see these animals in their natural surroundings only a few metres away.

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