Initially Mutesa I, the king of Buganda, had chosen the area, that was to become Kampala, as one of his favorite hunting grounds. It was an ideal breeding ground for various wild animals, particularly the impala, in whose name the city was named Kampala which in Luganda means ‘the area of Impalas’. 

The capital of Uganda!
Where the nation is run and where the most people live. Kampala has a population of around 1.6 million people, which undeniably makes it a busy and at times hectic metropol. Many tourists love Kampala for its modern opportunities, exciting food from many countries and its many cultural attractions.
The city was originally built on seven hills that each represented different religions. Today the city has expanded to more than these seven hills. If you visit the beautiful Gaddafi mosque, you will be guided up its tower where you will have a complete view of the city and the hills. 

Kampala is a city of contrasts with traffic chaos and jams in the centre and pure peace and serenity on its hills. The Baha’i Temple is located on one of these hills and you can come and relax, indulge in a packed picnic or practice your faith in beautiful, natural surroundings. Everyone is welcome and we are sure that everyone will enjoy this gem of an oasis.

What to do?
Kampala has a lot to offer for all kinds of travellers. On the ‘must-see’ list you’ll find the six metres high Independence Monument, National theatre and Craft Village where popular, free outdoor activities of all sorts are being held and the ‘Home of Cultures’ Ndere Centre where you can experience Ugandan and African culture through creativity, dance, music, crafts and stories – it’s definitely worth a visit! The list of attractions is long and there is something for every kind of traveller.