Joyce Bukenya 

Joyce is the founder and CEO of Ajabu Tours. She is born and raised in Masaka, Uganda, and have live different places abroad, where she has taken a degree in tourism and travel. With her incredible knowledge about Uganda, her determination to deliver professional and memorable experiences to her guests and her uplifting spirit, she is the perfect guide for your safari trip and your stay in Uganda. 

She is also the manager of the NGO organisation El Cambio Academy.

moureen bukenya 

Moureen has several functions in a Ajabu tours, both being the accountant and a safari guide. She is the sister of Joyce Bukenya, and her being borned and raised in Masaka, Uganda, gives her the local insight it takes to be an outstanding safari guide. Furthermore she just finished her degree in accountance and finance, which makes her a competent accountant for Aajbu tours.


The drivers for Ajabu tours, are all local Ugandans who commits to our core values. They are all dedicated to the team and are great at entertaining with stories and facts about the different areas of Uganda. They are a huge asset for the company and we are proud to present such qualified drivers with generous smiles and flexibility for our guests.



Twawebwa Mukama means ‘Given by god’ in Ugandan. Ben and Christine owner of the Foundation, chose this name when they started their foundation in 2008. The foundation has since founded many different projects such as education programs and poverty-relief endeavours. The foundation supports the local community in Uganda by building schools, a guesthouse and water tanks at a project in the Buhweju district. To promote self-sufficiency, the Foundation has established a new forestry industry, employing locals who sell the wood to the local tea factory. 

We are very fortunate that the foundation chose to support Ajabu tours in 2014. We wouldn’t be where we are today, without them.