our history 

Like the adventures Ajabu Tours creates, our history is also very special. 

The company was founded in 2014 by Joyce Bukenya, who is a local Ugandan with a passion for travelling, her country and people. Her previous work was at a local restaurant where two of her customers Ben and Christine, were so impressed with Uganda and Joyce’s idea about bringing more guest to see Africa’s pearl, that they decided to start a tourist company together. This became the start of Ajabu tours. 


Our vision is to continue expanding our company, while keeping our focus on our local culture and community, and to bring the most authentic experience to our tourists. 


Our mission is to provide our guest with a life changing travel experience. We design packages and tailor-made tours, where our guests needs and wants, are always in focus. By securing the satisfaction of our guests, we develop loyal and long-term relations. By becoming a guest, you are becoming family. 


We have established Ajabu tours as a company with proud core values. We want to give back to our local community, which we do by having local employees for the safaris, amongst other thing. We are always keeping an open mind and are ready to listen to the customer experiences and wishes. By hiring interns, volunteers and partners from all over the world, we learn from each other and we stay curious. We believe in co-creating the experience with our guests – through communication, curiosity and compassion. 

And one of our most important value is to create everlasting relationships. We invite our guest into our country, our culture and our home. When you are travelling with Ajabu tours, you should feel at home, as if you are travelling with family.