Mgahinga gorilla national park

This national park, is the smallest in entire uganda, with its 33 square km. This national park was created in order to protect the rare mountain gorillas as well as the endangered golden monkeys. Besides being important for the wildlife, the park also has a huge cultural significance for the indigenous Batwa pygmies. This tribes hunter-gathers was even the first people, living in the forest. 

The most popular activities to do in the park is to go on a gorilla trekking safari, a golden monkey trekking or to hike the breathtaking Virunga Volcanoes. You can also go bird watching or explore the Garama Cave.  

The park is located in the south western part of Uganda, close to Bwindi and Lake Bunyonyi. Lake bunyonyi would be the ideal combination to this trip, where you stay and relax after the hikes on the vulcanos or the trekking of Gorillas.