Sipi Falls, in the foothills of Mt. Elgon, is a stunner! Arguably the most beautiful waterfall in Uganda – Lonely Planet

Located in Eastern Uganda, Mount Elgon National Park covers 1145 square kilometres. The park gets its name from the extinct volcanic mountain situated on the Ugandan border to Kenya, named Mount Elgon, or as the locals call it ‘Mt. Masaba’. The scenic beauty of the park is undeniable! It is furthermore home of more than 299 species of birds as well as a diverse list of mammals including buffaloes, forest monkeys and elephants. A visit to Mount Elgon will also allow you to experience its stunning old cave paintings and hot springs inside of the crater.   

The park sets the frame for thrilling game drives at all times of the year, and if you are even more adventurous you can endeavour yourself on a mountain climb up Mount Elgon. The climate is ideal for hiking, so hikers on every level can join. 

You cannot say Mount Elgon National Park without mentioning the breathtaking Sipi Falls. Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls, each flowing from different altitudes, located at the foothills of Mount Elgon Park which makes it a perfect starting point for many hikes up the mountain. The longest waterfall is close to 100 metres and it is arguably to most stunning fall of them all. You can easily stay in the park for a few days and enjoy the peace and serenity of Sipi Falls.   

The local life and plantations of the Sabiny and Bagishu people in Mount Elgon National Park can be visited with a guide. The main cash crop is coffee beans which they farm in an altitude of more than 1600 metres.