ngamba island, chimpanzee sanctuary

The chimpanzee sanctuary located on Ngamba island, is surrounded by the beautiful Lake Victoria. You can either choose a speedboat that will bring you to the island within 45-50 minutes, you can choose the local traditional motorized canoe which will take around 90 minutes, or you can can for 20 minutes in a helikopter. The adventure to the sanctuary, starts from when you are leaving the dock in Entebbe. 

When you get there, you will find the home of 49 rescued chimpanzees, which you can observe from a raise viewpoint. The platform provides a full view of their behaviour and interactions. On the sanctuary you have the possibility of seeing the chimpanzees being feeded, as well as see the chimp nest preparation.

You can chose a half or full day trip as well as staying for a few days, and try the accommodation on the island. Then you can combine the sanctuary with a sunset cruise or a trip to the nearby fishing villages.