ssese islands

If you’re looking for a place to slow right down, Ssese Islands along Lake Victoria’s northwestern shore boasts some stunning white-sand beaches. There’s not much to do other than grab a good book and relax.

The Ssese Islands are located in the north western part of Lake Victoria, and it consists of 84 islands. 

After being on a gorilla trekking, a safari tour or just to escape the hectic life of Kampala, Ssese islands are the perfect place to slow down and relax. It is located close to Entebbe, so it would be ideal to spend the last days of your vaction here.  

On the Ssese Islands you will find some of the stunning white sand beaches on the islands, and especially the sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking. Boats can take you to the different islands to explore, or you can rent a canoe, however it is not recommend to swim in the water due to risk of bilharzia.